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Particle Designer

What is Particle Designer?

Particle Designer 2.0 is a powerful particle effects editor designed specifically for Mac OS X. Choose from a massive user submitted library or design your own unique effects. Limitless possibilities with multiple particle emitters, definable backgrounds, zooming & full-screen. Target hundreds of devices and multiple platforms with support for over 11 frameworks working out the box.

It's Fast, Really Fast!

We don't do slow! With Particle Designer you can design multiple particle systems within one scene. Composite many different particle systems to build an interesting and compelling atmosphere for your game.

Open Source Particle System

Easily implement our particle system into ANY framework using our sample code projects hosted on GitHub.

Visit us on GitHub

Essential features

Full Screen

Take full advantage of your screen and design your particle systems using every last pixel.

Instant Undo

Don't like your recent changes? Easily reverse anything you do and recover your previous effects.

Device Profiles

Simulate your particle systems on a number of pre-defined screen resolutions. You can also add your own custom devices to the list.

FREE Particle Emitters

With Particle Designer you get hundreds of FREE particle emitters, fully searchable right inside the app!

Export to Multiple Frameworks

Export your particle systems to many different frameworks with direct support for

Super Slick Zoom

Zoom in as close as you like to edit your particle systems with absolute accuracy. You can also zoom out to get an impression of the whole scene

Custom Backgrounds

Need to see how your particle system looks along side your game art? Not a problem, simply drag any image onto the stage for a realtime preview!

Created with Particle Designer

Superstars Deathmatch
Jumpin Jackabee
ZENFORMS: Protectors
Man at Arms TD
Arcade Jumper

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