Deep Dreamer 1.0 User Guide


What is Deep Dreamer

Deep Dreamer uses Google’s deepdream engine to apply neural network processing to your images. The images are analysed and processed by machine learning on your Mac - this is not just a filter being applied to any image or movie!

The processing of images and movies can be particularly resource intensive - especially when choosing to “Deep Dream” (that is: perform multiple processing sessions consecutively to an image. Deep Dreamer will process the image, and then take the output and process it again). You may want to consider leaving your Mac overnight to perform more intensive processing!

Remember to share your Deep Dreamer images on Twitter with #deepdreamer!

Getting Started with Deep Dreamer

As processing large images can take some time, if you’re eager to see what Deep Dreamer can generate, we recommend that you re-size an image before dragging it into Deep Dreamer.

Once you’ve dragged in an image, just choose one of the Presets (Impressionist Painting, Eyes, Animals, or Trippy) and click “Start Dreaming” on the top toolbar.

As your image processes you can use the draggable slider to view the difference when compared to the original, and once the image is processed use the Share button to show your new creation to the world.

About the Processing Options

We encourage you to explore the options in Deep Dreamer. At the top of the sidebar, you’ll find some quick presets for our favourite settings - these will allow you to start exploring what Deep Dreamer can generate, and you can tweak them to explore how your changes affect the final results.

Deep Dreams

In addition to processing an image once, Deep Dreams allow you to recursively process an image with a subtle zoom applied on each pass of the engine. Because of the nature of Deep Dreams (an image or movie is processed, and then re-processed when more than one level of dream is selected) the more dream levels you select, the longer it will take to process - and will be extremely resource intensive. You may wish to leave it processing overnight!