Deep Dreamer

The easiest way to generate images and video with Google’s amazing Deep Dream artificial intelligence.

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Are you ready to Deep Dream?

Give Deep Dream a photo and watch as horizons get filled with towers and pagodas. Rocks and trees turn into buildings. Birds, dogs, and insects (aka puppyslugs) start to appear from out of nowhere.

Create stunningly beautiful images or terrifying nightmare visions - the choice is yours!

Animated Deep Dreams

Deep Dreamer takes your deep dreams to the next level with animated creations. Take a clip from your favourite movie, or any QuickTime movie file, and process it to reveal the shapes and objects hiding within it. Process a still photo and as Deep Dreamer interprets your image it’ll generate an animated GIF of the process.


Deep Dreamer is incredibly powerful - and we’ve made sure that every option in Google’s Deep Dream engine is available for you to use!

  • Create stunning pieces of art.
  • Process images and movies.
  • Customise every aspect of your dreams.
  • Share with Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Go beyond simple processing, with multiple dreams for your media.
  • Build animated dreams & export as GIF or QuickTime Movie.

What is Google deepdream?

The brain behind Deep Dreamer was developed at Google as a tool to try and understand how neural networks work. Google open sourced the code, allowing anyone with the know-how to create these images. However, setting up the code on a server is not a trivial task. We’ve become fascinated with how deepdream processes our photos, and wanted to make it easy for anyone to explore.

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