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Glyph Designer for Windows

What is Glyph Designer for Windows?

Glyph Designer for Windows is a powerful bitmap font designer designed specifically for Windows users. Create beautiful designs using highly configurable effects. Target hundreds of devices on multiple platforms with support for over 15 frameworks out the box.

Fully Native! .Net 4.5 & WPF

We looked at a number of different technologies to help port Glyph Designer to the Windows platform. Over time it became apparent that in order to get the performance and reliability we experience under Mac OS X, our only option was to build a fully native app using the latest .Net 4.5 and WPF frameworks from Microsoft.

Thats right, Glyph Designer for Windows is a completely NEW app!


You can add text to your games in a few different ways. Many of the frameworks allow you to use a truetype font for your text but this comes at a cost! You lose a lot of flexibility with styling but most importantly you lose performance. No one likes a game that takes a long time to load or drops frames at that crucial point. Using bitmap fonts you can achieve the perfect style and gain a MASSIVE performance increase over alternative methods.

60 FPS

Simple Design Tools


Add an outer, centered or inner stroke with a solid color or gradient. Refine the stoke by changing it's width, mitre or join.


Use a Solid color / Gradient or Image to fill each glyph.


Easily apply internal and external shadows to any text.

Perfect rendering

No matter what style your after, we've got you covered. For each glyph we render fills, stroke and shadows to individual layers, only compositing during the final rendering pass.


  • Search and easily select fonts

  • Decorate text with stroke, fill, shadow & bevel controls

  • Zoom & pan the preview and texture views

  • Export to FNT, XML, LUA, JSON

  • Support for exporting kerning information

  • Alter the color of the texture atlas

The Roadmap

We are already working hard on the next release of Glyph Designer for Windows and we're aiming to add all these great features too.

  • Gradient & image fill

    Auto adjusting metrics on based on styles

    Asynchronous atlas rendering

    Export scaled versions for SD/HD

    Loading of an external font

    Allow font substitution for missing glyphs

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Glyph Designer for Windows

Bitmap font design software for Windows 7+