** This is not our office, just happens to be a nice picture ;)

About 71Squared

A long time ago in a country far far away, two developers sit in darkened rooms lit only by the glow of their Apple Macs. They are nearing the end of a long battle to complete the development of two new applications, Particle and Glyph Designer. With the last few bugs eradicated and the great battle of code-signing won it's time to release these apps to the game development underground...

In the real world, 71Squared was co-founded in 2010 by Mike and Tom. Based in the leafy countryside of the UK we make innovative Mac apps and enjoy interacting with our customers to ensure we are always providing them with what they need.

Mike Daley

Mike has been building, supporting and selling products for over 24 years. He loves everything Apple and looks for any excuse to acquire the latest piece of Apple tech. He is an expert in gaining his wife’s approval for such purchases and hiding them from his three teenage children. You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikedaley

Tom Bradley

Tom has been coding since he was 6 years old, but don’t let his babyish good looks fool you. His development knowledge is broad and deep and he is the goto person if you want to make your app run faster. Tom is happily married with kids which means you can often find him developing late at night when things have calmed down.